Paahijen Language Help

Text in indian languages is displayed using unicode and unicode fonts. For the text in Indian languages to be displayed properly, you need the fonts to be installed on the system. If you see '?' or '[]' in your browser, it means the required fonts are not installed. Wikipedia has got a great link for supporting Indian Languages in different OS/Browsers. Please check there if you are not able to view 'paahijen' in your browser and OS.
Below a separate help for individual language is provided. Please consult the individual language help to get started with your language.

Marathi Language Help

Basic idea of typing in marathi here is to type as you would normally type in roman (english). However, it is impossible to map certain english spellings directly to corresponding marathi in an unambiguous way. We have tried to be as much 'intuitive' as possible, but there are places where one has to make certain exceptions to one's intuition, unfortunately! To type 'english' text inside marathi, enclose it between "{" and"}" like {english}. Please note that certain capital letters have special meanings, hence do not use capital letters for names of people, places etc.
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The Table Below indicates mapping between the keyboard keys and corresponding marathi letter or symbol. Some examples are also shown below.

Consonants :
c,k kh g gh Ng
ch chh j jh,z nY
T Th D Dh N
t th d dh n
p ph,f b bh m
y r l v sh
Sh s h L kSh क्ष
jnY ज्ञ & K Kh G Z
Dd DH F Y  
a aa i ee u
oo e ai o au
0 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9
Special Symbols/Letters:
RU in words like ॠ्षी
ru in words like आकृती
R in words like वाऱ्यावर note the difference with कार्य (karya)
Ha in words like स्वतःला
AN,AM in words like बँक
O,A in words like ऑक्टोबर (O) टॅग (A)

Some Examples