About us

What is Paahijen?

"पाहिजेन!!", a marathi word, when translated in english literally means "I want it!!". Amongst us friends, we heavily use this word and we kind of liked this name and then got stuck with it and hence the name 'paahijen!!'. 'paahijen' is basically a collection of web based applications primarily focussed for serving content in users' own language and while he can contribute to it. For latest news, check our [blog](http://paahijen.blogspot.com).

Is Paahijen Free?

Yes, paahijen is absolutely free. If and when we provide any paid services, you should be able to find announcements about it on 'paahijen' itself.

Which languages are supported?

Initially, we started services in 'english' and 'मराठी'. The support for other languages is being added since then and now we support all the major indian languages like 'ગુજરાથી', 'ಕನ್ನಡ', 'తేలుగు' etc.

'paahijen' doesn't work for me, why?

'paahijen' makes extensive use of unicode character set and UTF-8 encoding. Please check the following link on wikipedia to figure out details of how to enable complex rendering for Indic fonts in your browser. 'paahijen' has been known to work with Firefox 1.4+ on Linux and Windows (XP, 2000) and Internet Explorer (IE 5.x+). If you have trouble viewing in any other browser send a note to 'support_at_paahijen_dot_com' and we will look into it immediately. There are known problems on ubuntu for display of 'kannada' and 'telugu' fonts. Please refer to this page for details of fixing those problems. [1]: "Help:Multilingual support (Indic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:"

Where can I find help about using my language in 'Paahijen'?

Ideally, if you need any help, it means we are not doing our job right! However, we agree that paahijen has got a small learning curve (remember first time you learnt to ride the bicycle). Please check our language help to find more help.

I want to suggest ...

'paahijen' welcomes all user suggestions, let us know if 'we suck' or if 'you like it' or if you want to suggest something that you would like to see here on 'paahijen'. Please write to 'feedback_at_paahijen_dot_com'. We believe listening to users' feedback and suggestions is the best way to improve our services.